Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Absolutely All About Alliteration

one two one two

People are much like words in the sense that we are all made up of the same basic building blocks and yet those materials can be combined into a seemingly infinite amount of arrangements. 

On a scientific level, we're comprised mainly of oxygen with a good mix of hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and other elements. Our brains are all relatively similar - generally equipped with a hippocampus, cerebellum and other exciting centers. More often than not, humans are equipped with a head, torso, arms and legs. 

Yet for all of our resemblance to one another, human kind is a wealth of diversity. Though the patterns remain, it is our differences that seem to define us. 

I'm borderline obsessed with this push and pull between what makes us all the same and those factors that cause each person to stand out. It's probable that my belief that all life is one (in that, all that is in creation is cut from the same cosmic cloth), is due to my experimentation with hallucinogenic drugs. Even so, it's hard not to be fascinated by the fact that though our lives span only the most microscopic amount of time in the grand scheme of the universe, we search so vehemently for meaning and validation. 

Are all of us just floating meaninglessly about, bumping into one another during the brief moment we call life? Is there some sort of grand scheme that is orchestrating each movement we make? Is there any way to ever know the answer to these questions? 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who doubts that "yes" is the answer to that last question. 

Instead, I will take the liberty of answering some questions you may have regarding this blog. 

Does any of this shit I wrote matter? All signs point to no. Will I always post existential bullshit? Nope. Is it really necessary to use as many uncommon words starting with the letter 'e'? Not really but you can eat my pretty pink princess if you think I don't plan on using even more.

As for the "one two one two": ab all ab all. Life is a never ending pattern. Words, people and life all have this in common. One of our many tasks on this earth is to learn how to recognize those patterns. Consider this rehearsal. 


  1. oh my GOD I just realized that your first four posts are alliterations in alphabetical order. !!!!

    1. It is because of this that I will likely delete the quote I shared. I love alliteration so very much, plus it's a neat way to keep track of what number post I am on c: I'm glad you like it


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