Monday, July 21, 2014

Unitarian Universalism Underground

So, remember last time when I was talking about "fate" and I may have mentioned "karma" and all these ludicrous beliefs? Well, I figured the letter 'u' was the perfect time to discuss all that since the one place of worship I attended voluntarily was a Unitarian Universalist church.

First and foremost, while some religions seem pretty far-fetched to me, you could worship the flying spaghetti monster and I will not care as long as you don't a) shove your beliefs down other people's throat, b) vote in a manner that prevents people from doing things you disagree with religiously, c) hurt other people as the result of your religion (which 'b' sort of falls under). If you think dogs are all gods and believe our sole purpose is to serve them, good for you! If you think this and also murder people who own dogs because they're disrespecting your gods, then we have a problem.

This is number one in my system of spirituality - do no harm, motherfucker.

Next off, the concept of God... those are some murky waters for me. Looking at the whole thing logically, the conventional concept of God really makes very little sense. All-knowing, all-powerful, commander of all that exists, will exist, has ever existed - without getting into the fallacies this whole idea commits (because that's not really the purpose of this post and really I could talk all day about that sort of thing), I just don't buy it. Of course, there are those who argue that God is beyond our comprehension and no amount of logic is capable of reasoning His will.

Now, something more loose, like a being that created the universe then peaced out or even a system of lesser gods that chill out and mess with humans every once in a while - this makes more sense. Having said that, I don't really subscribe to any of the above. Though, I must admit, I'm personally attracted to the concept of some extraterrestrial figure looming in the shadows intervening with our lives for their own amusement. This still seems illogical and I don't really believe it but I'm also not dismissing this idea. It could happen. And even though I highly doubt the whole God, father of Jesus situation, I will accept that there is a possibility - however remote - that this could also be true. This is generally seen as the agnostic's attitude. So, in a way, I've moved a bit in my belief system since I was once a pretty committed atheist.

The major defining factor of what ideal I follow is the concept of subtle energy. This is energy different than kinetic or chemical energy - it's a spiritual energy that is unseen by humans and unfortunately undocumented. At least, seriously. In relation to this, vitalism is the belief that living organisms have some sort of non-physical element with them that distinguishes them from non-living things. A soul, basically. 

This is where what I think and what is related gets murky - a soul generally implies this one entity from within that is there the moment you are born and leaves the moment you die. For me, I find the idea of thousands, more likely millions or billions, of these pieces of energy are constantly leaving and entering you at all times. You absorb some from the trees around you when you're out walking while depositing some on your lover's hand as you grip it.

We are constantly changing, constantly taking in new information from those around us and letting go of old thoughts. If there really is some kind of spiritual entity that defines who we are, invisibly residing inside of our bodies, then it must change with us.

Energy is all around us. Every living thing has a vibration and leaves its mark on this world. All of this energy has existed longer than we can fathom and will continue to exist long after we're gone, most likely. We are capable of manipulating this energy if we so choose (this is supposed to be the purpose of acupuncture, in fact, to change the flow of your energy though it's more likely it stimulates your nerves), and do so unconsciously all of the time.

Death is the one piece of the puzzle I've yet to really make up my mind about. Going with the theme of recycled energy, it seems to follow that when we die we are then reborn, thus continuing a never ending cycle. I personally love the idea that we are all one; we are Hitler and we are Anne Frank, we are the grumpy looking guy bagging your groceries and the chipper bank teller that knows your name. At some point, we will have lived every life and when we are done... well, who knows then. Maybe it just goes on forever. Maybe there is some sort of perfect afterlife. There's no way for us to know. Heaven? Hell? I don't agree with any afterlife that tells you there is a set of rules to follow other than "be nice, do your best".

That's all the major points. Lately I've been experimenting with going back to some pagan things like spell casting and doing ceremonies. It ties into my whole thought process of attracting the energy you want and repelling the energy you don't want. Is the goddess going to hear my prayer and grant my wishes? Maybe. But more likely I'm going to have to focus my thoughts and actions towards making this thing happen and lighting a candle, saying a few words seems to help me whether it be simply because I'm collecting myself towards this goal or the universe is listening. 

Hey, it's not hurting you, is it? That's all that really matters at the end of the day.

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