Sunday, February 22, 2015

Upcoming Projects (Hopefully)


Assuming insanity doesn't render me completely useless (the way the last week has gone, I really have no idea what to expect anymore), I have a lot of things I want to do. The truth is that for the past month, honestly more, I've been completely unmotivated to do anything, constantly tired and frequently really sore. Honestly, my life would be so incredibly improved by a pair of work shoes that weren't insanely uncomfortable. The next time I get an opportunity to buy a pair of comfortable black dress shoes that actually fit properly (so, probably never because no such thing exists), I probably will cave in and shell out the hopefully less than fifty bucks for them. Now that I'm finally up to 40 hours at work (assuming I pick up an extra shift every week), it's impossible to deny my need for shoes that don't cause the most debilitating pain and nerve tingles throughout the entire length of my spine. Hell, I'll still put up with the toe-squashing narrowness that permanently reshapes my foot as long as I can find a single pair of decent black shoes that don't have either a raised heel or an entirely flat sole.

Wow, sorry, shoe tangent. My feet are throbbing right now so it's kind of hard to focus on anything else. Anyway! Let's move on from how women's apparel companies like to pretend only narrow, light-footed women exist. The whole point of this blog post was actually to say that I intend on starting some... projects. Most specifically, VIDEO projects. Every time I think about it, I get a little nauseous and a little aroused at the same time. As I'm sure you've deduced by now, I have anxiety problems and even though I really, really want to share things with the world, I am constantly certain that those things are all stupid and boring. However, I have a lot of really sweet friends who put up with my constant, "was that funny? are you sure I don't look like a horrific fecal monster?? do you REALLY like me or is some Carrie shit about to go down right when I start to trust everyone???" Thanks to them, I'm relatively sure that I'm not a useless garbage person and maybe I could do a good job of entertaining people.

Most importantly, I want to do something to thank all of the people who donated to my friend Jess' stream (better known as KiwiFails - aka the most intelligent, beautiful and entertaining streamer in existence), and since I unfortunately can not Apparate - or legally drive - the most logical thing to do, I thought, would be to make videos. I'm not going to get into the details now because they're not quite ironed out and I need to actually make a space to record (this is why I mentioned how I've been doing basically nothing for several months - I have a LOT of cleaning to do), so it'll be a little bit until I get it all done. However, I finally have a day off tomorrow so I'm going to sleep really well tonight, eat a nice big breakfast with a big cup (or two), of coffee and get shit done once I'm fully fueled and ready to go.

Thanks to the $1,449.70 that was raised, Nicholas and I were able to:
  • pay the mortgage ($750)
  • buy groceries ($200)
  • pay the heat bill ($91)
  • parking ticket ($30) from when the car key broke off in the trunk
  • get the heater fixed ($100)
  • file our taxes ($150)
  • pay for our phone ($120)

Which is kind of a huge deal. It's been really rough lately and recently we've basically been at the mercy of others when it comes to being able to eat, pay bills and have any kind of furniture, clothes or toiletries. We'll probably never pay off the like, $1,600 we owe in credit cards but as long as I don't need them, I guess I'll accept the 25% APR that's being piled on plus late fees every month. We're all slaves to this capitalist debt society, after all, so I don't know why I expected to avoid the same fate.

Being able to feed my family and have a warm home sounds so simple yet it wouldn't be possible had it not been for the generosity of strangers and the unending kindness of my friends. I love all of you and hope that I can only pass the gifts you have given me along to others. Only three more months to go until I should be working 60 or more hours a week, which will make our whole financial situation a lot less stressful. Summer can't get here any faster.

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